8:00–10:00 – (breakfast, buffet)
*and if you are not a hotel guest, you can dine with our guests for 15 Euros
10:00–22:00 – (a la carte)

The restaurant Plaza operates within the hotel. In addition to the interior space, a beautiful wide terrace is also part of the restaurant, which stretches out over the rocks above the sea. With a breath taking view, especially the sunset towards the islands Hvar and Brač, but also towards the mountain of Biokovo, which is rapidly rising above the sea, you can enjoy a romantic dinner under the starry sky with a breezy wind from the Adriatic Sea.
The roof top of restaurant opens its doors in the evening hours during the season, where you can enjoy the intimacy accompanied by partners or friends and family.  

If you wish to experience Dalmatia, our restaurant offers exquisite Dalmatian and Mediterranean traditional specialties and delicacies. Your cravings for combination of flavors will certainly be satisfied by the specialties created of top quality selected Adriatic ingredients as well as healthy foods. The use of simple traditional methods preserves flavors, which make it possible to relish in their taste, lightness and freshness. An ideal gourmet adventure guarantees a fish or a shellfish from the Adriatic Sea, which are widely known for their top quality, and are always prepared fresh including mussels, Bluefin tuna, scampi, prawns, Mediterranean herbs, salt and a special domestic extra virgin olive oil, all from the Adriatic. Apart from the traditional food, we offer a selection of Italian food, pizza, pasta, barbecue and homemade desserts.

Rich breakfast buffet is served from 8-10am in the form of a continental buffet, with a wide range of hot and cold dishes, as well as hot and cold drinks. It includes a variety of salami, cheeses, eggs, fruit juice, tea, different type of coffees, yoghurt, muesli, fruit, and homemade cakes etc.

If you choose the half-board or full-board service at our hotel, you will receive a list for these meals that you need to fill out.
Salad (without choice of salad of the day)
Soup (two options of soup can be chosen every day)
Main course (choice of 3 main courses plus a choice of about 15 additional options that can be chosen every day)
Drinks from the vending machine during the meal are free, other drinks from the bar are charged separately

A variety of fish, shellfish and chef recommendations are prepared by original local recipes, that bring special delicacies to your table. (ASK FOR GRADELE, POPARA, BUZARA, PEKA…). Don’t miss out on local risotto and pasta, all served with homemade bread…

We will complete your gastronomic pleasure with our offer of various local wines as well as a variety of domestic aperitifs and cocktails to satisfy and refined palate. Along with good food and drinks, in our restaurant you can also enjoy live local and international music twice a week.