Location of the Local Attractions & Transportation

Among what Makarska Riviera has to offer, for more adventures near the village is the possibility to climb the top of the mountain Biokovo, with an astonishing view which goes all the way to the Italian peninsula. Suitable for those who like walking, cycling, or running, is the local road to Igrane along the olive trees in-between the sea side and mountains. In Drašnice, and the surrounding area, you can find numerous freshwater springs from the mountain Biokovo.  Drašnice are also surrounded by many beautiful and small solitary beaches from both sides, where you can enjoy the cleanest and clearest sea, relax in the lush nature, intoxicate the scent of pine, lavender and rosemary, and thus experience the Mediterranean as it once was.

The Zip Line in Tučepi, the Safari on Biokovo, the submarine boat in Podgora, or diving and sailing are just some of the adventures activities which the local places have to offer.

Local transportation is mainly buses and ferries, but the best options are organized excursions or by a car and motorbike. For those who prefer slightly more adventure, we recommend going by bicycle (we do suggest renting bicycles in pre and post season, due to the traffic and temperatures).

Most tourists arrive by car, and those which don’t usually rent a car or motorbike for travelling purposes, or small sea boats, which surely are the best way to explore Croatia and its coast.